Digital Converter, 30 HP, 80 Amp - Daily Rental

SKU: PH380D - Rental

PH380D - Rental is readily available but currently not stocked in our Edmonton warehouse.

Please contact us for availability.

Fussy rotary converter that seems to constantly need tweaking? Ain't nobody got time for that! You're too busy to deal with a converter that you can't depend on. Try a digital converter, because you need hassle-free, balanced phase conversion under all load conditions. It's the answer for any type of industrial equipment that needs utility grade three-phase power.

If you're interested in this rental unit, contact us at 780-451-0418


  • 30 HP, 80 Amp
  • active front end
  • utility grade sine wave
  • simple install

Checklist - Get the right phase converter for your application