Carlo Continuous Recycler Timer with 2 Adjustable Times, 24VDC / 24-240VAC (Single Relay Output)


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Data Sheet

This timer is best used when you want something to turn on and off repeatedly, forever! 

Time Duration: 

The timer continues to cycle back and forth between the two times. The timer can be set between 0.1 seconds and 100 hours.

Possible Scenario 1 - Pump for 5 min every hour: 

You have a pump that you want to run for 5 minutes out of every hour. Use the middle dial to select 5 minutes and the bottom dial to select 55 minutes. During the 5 minute cycle, the timer will close one contact and your pump will turn on. During the 55 minute cycle, the timer will open that contact and close a different contact.

Possible Scenario 2 - Load-Balanced Battery Charger:

Let's say you have two battery packs that you need to charge with your solar panels. With this recycling timer, you can charge bank A for 4 hours, switch over to bank B for 4 hours, and then repeat.