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It's On The Shelf
February 25, 2019

It's On The Shelf

You hopefully already know that one of the services that we offer is building custom panels; we've talked about it a little in previous blogs. What you may not know is that when there are no open orders, Richard, our panel guy, will keep working, anticipating what requests will come through the door.

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In your own words...
February 13, 2019

In your own words...

We love hearing feedback from you, our customers. It helps us know what we're doing right and where we can improve. We recently received a great review from a first-time customer, and thought we would share it with the rest of our readers.

I highly recommend them for any motor control needs, as these guys really go well beyond quality product sales, they truly are dedicated cradle to grave support specialists. They were very willing to tailor their support to my needs and capabilities.

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Our Puzzle Game is on Point
January 22, 2019

Our Puzzle Game is on Point

We do a lot of work with local business owners, and we often get phone calls where the customer knows what the end result should be but has no idea how to go about accomplishing it.

Challenge accepted!

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CAD Drawings as a Service

We do CAD drawings for all of our panels. If you have a panel and need a drawing done then we can help. 

Contact our guy Glen at 780-451-0418 or glen@electram.com. He can draw you up something nice. 

VFD Workshop

Our resident VFD experts host FREE hands-on VFD workshops. 

In this course, you will start with a theory overview of how VFDs actually change the speed of a motor. You then get into labs where you take real-world service based scenarios, program them into a drive, and wire it up on our fancy patch panel pendants. 

This is not just an advertising gimmick where we tell you how great we are. This is a workshop where our objective is to give the experience you need to better commission a drive. 

It's a full day but it is well worth the time!

Timelapse: Building a Motor Control Panel in 45 Seconds