VFD Training Workshop

Our resident VFD experts host FREE hands-on VFD workshops.

In this course, you will start with a theory overview of how VFDs actually change the speed of a motor. You then get into labs where you take real-world service based scenarios, program them into a Lenze AC Tech drive, and wire it up on our fancy patch panel pendants.

This is not just an advertising gimmick where we tell you how great we are -- even though we are ;) This is a workshop where our objective is to give you the experience you need to better commission a drive.

The class sizes are small, 3-6 people, so you will have plenty of opportunities to bounce ideas back and forth. 

We host the training in our office, but if you have 3 or more guys then we can also come to you.

We have 5 workshop labs. You and your group can go through as many labs as you want, time permitting.

It's a full day but it is well worth the time!

To sign up or get more information, send an email to AwesomeTraining@electram.com to call 780-451-0418.

Lab Topics

Oscillating Arm

A customer has a buffing table with an arm that moves back and forth. Set up the VFD so that it senses the edge of the table and changes directions. Allow the customer to control the speed of their buffer with a potentiometer.


A customer needs a way to control his mixer. They need a consistent RPM as they mix their product. They also want to display on the VFD how hard their motor is working.

Dairy Fan

A customer has a couple of 3-phase fans for their dairy. They want to control the speed of all the fans from a single speed pot on a pendant.

Bridge Crane

A customer picked up a small crane and needs it hooked up. Set up a VFD for either end of the crane and control them using a pendant. Build in high and low-speed settings, and make sure you have limit switches configured to ensure the crane does not run off the tracks.


Set up a VFD to control the speed of an auger in forward and reverse. This lab gets tricky when the auger is starting from a dead stop and is full of wet grain.

Pressurizing a Pressure Washer

A customer has a pressure washer system. They want a VFD to control the pump to build up to and maintain a set pressure. As the customer uses their system the VFD will need to dynamically respond to the pressure changes. Tune the real-time PID loop on this pressure system.


This course is too awesome!
~Chris, June 2018

Great to get my hands on different set-ups, with real world applications. Very informative in a clearly laid out format. Great job!
~Brent, July 2018

Hands on labs are a great learning tool. Real life situations make the information sink in a lot better.
~Vance, July 2018

This was very interesting. Very helpful!! Thanks a million times.
~Rueben, November 2018